Leverage Anti-joins

Introduction Assuming you already have some background with the other more common types of joins, inner, left, right, and outer; adding semi and anti can prove incredibly useful saving you what could have alternatively taken multiple steps. In a previous post, I outlined the benefits of semi-joins and how to use them. Here I’ll be […]

Getting Started with Data Science

Introduction When it comes to getting started in data science it can be a bit overwhelming. You need to know statistics, programming, machine learning… within each of those domains there are a many, many sub domains that can dominate a person’s focus and once they’re done reading everything there is to know about one thing, […]

Don’t Miss The Bias-Variance Tradeoff Question in Your Next Interview

Why Do Interviewers Ask About it? Questions about the bias-variance tradeoff are used very frequently in interviews for data scientist positions. They often serve to delineate a data scientist that is seasoned and knows their stuff versus one that is junior… and more specifically, as one who is unfamiliar with their options for mitigating prediction […]

Intro to Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics at the Heart of Data Science Data science has deep roots in bayesian statistics & rather than giving the historical background of Sir Thomas Bayes, I’ll give you a high level perspective on bayesian statistics, bayes’ theorem, and how to leverage it as a tool in your work! Bayesian statistics are rooted in […]

Data Visualization for Product Managers

A few Rules of Thumb to Make You Dangerous Chances are if you’re reading this is you’re a product manager or in some way a contributor to a product team and would like to give yourself a leg up when it comes to understanding the data that is coming your way. I’m going to give […]

Machine Learning, Simplified. Be Apart of the Conversation.

What’s all the buzz about? Machine learning is a concept and frequently dropped buzz word in today’s tech environment that leaves a lot to be desired as far as explanation goes. People often refer to machine learning algorithms as a black box; and while there may be certain aspects of machine learning that may lack […]

A Must-have Algorithm for Your Machine Learning Toolbox: XGBoost

One of the most performant machine learning algorithms XGBoost is a supervised learning algorithm that can be used for both regression & classification. Like all algorithms it has its virtues & draws, of which we’ll be sure to walk through. For this post, we’ll just be learning about XGBoost from the context of classification problems. […]

Build your First Chatbot in three minutes

30 sec explanation of how Chatbots work Whether you’re a data scientist, data analyst, or software engineer; and whether you have a strong handle on NLP tools and approaches, if you’re here, you’ve likely wondered how a chatbot works and how to build one, but haven’t ever had the need or chance. Well… you’re here […]

Getting Started with Experimental Design in R

This quick blog is designed to help you get off to the races quickly in world of data science; and here specifically, Experimental design. Enjoy! When it comes to experiemental design there are three main streps it can be broken down to: PlanningDesignAnalysis Planning & Design Planning should always begin with a well formed hypothesis. […]