Understand Customer Churn With The Chi-squared Test Statistic

Introduction The chi-square statistic is a useful tool for understanding the relationship between two categorical variables. For the sake of example, let’s say you work for a tech company that has rolled out a new product and you want to assess the relationship between this product and customer churn. In the age of data, tech […]

How to Visualize Multiple Regression in 3D

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay Introduction No matter your exposure to data science & the world of statistics, at the very least, you’ve very likely heard of regression. In this post we’ll be talking about multiple regression, as a precursor, you’ll definitely want some familiarity with simple linear regression. If you aren’t familiar you can start here! Otherwise, […]

Building a Regression Model with Categorical Factors

Introduction Regression is a staple in the world of data science, and as such it’s useful to understand it in its simplest form. I recently wrote a post that gave us more detail into regression. You can find that here. To follow on the ideas that we explored there, today we will be exploring the […]

Understanding The General Modeling Framework

When it comes to building statistical models, we do so with the purpose of understanding or approximating some aspect of our world. The concept of the general modeling framework lends well to breaking down the purposes and approaches that we might take to generate said understanding. What is the General Modeling Framework? Take a look […]

Why Bias in Covid-19 Reporting Will Drive New Risks & Challenges

How incomplete information & bias are driving bad assumptions and inappropriate action Right now the world is in pandemonium about the risks associated with covid-19; most of which appear to be less about virus symptoms, and more about the larger social implications of the panic. What are the current data limitations? Our information is currently […]