How to Visualize Multiple Regression in 3D

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay Introduction No matter your exposure to data science & the world of statistics, at the very least, you’ve very likely heard of regression. In this post we’ll be talking about multiple regression, as a precursor, you’ll definitely want some familiarity with simple linear regression. If you aren’t familiar you can start here! Otherwise, […]

Getting Started with Data Science

Introduction When it comes to getting started in data science it can be a bit overwhelming. You need to know statistics, programming, machine learning… within each of those domains there are a many, many sub domains that can dominate a person’s focus and once they’re done reading everything there is to know about one thing, […]

Kmeans clustering

Introduction Clustering is a machine learning technique that falls into the unsupervised learning category. Without going into a ton of detail on different machine learning categories, I’ll give a high level description of unsupervised learning. To put it simply, rather than pre-determining what we want our algorithm to find, we provide the algorithm little to […]

What Every Data Scientist Needs to Know About Clustering

Introduction to Machine Learning Machine learning is a frequently buzzed about term, yet there is often a lack of understanding into its different areas. One of the first distinctions made with machine learning is between what’s called supervised and unsupervised learning. Having a basic understanding of this distinction and the purposes/applications of either will be […]

Building a Regression Model with Categorical Factors

Introduction Regression is a staple in the world of data science, and as such it’s useful to understand it in its simplest form. I recently wrote a post that gave us more detail into regression. You can find that here. To follow on the ideas that we explored there, today we will be exploring the […]

Build, Evaluate, and Interpret a Linear Regression Model in Minutes

Intro Regression is central to so much of the statistical analysis & machine learning tools that we leverage as data scientists. Stated simply, we utilize regression techniques to model Y through some function of X. We’ll take a look at some additional ideas to set up the premise of regression; and then we’ll take a […]